300mg of Kannopia-Active™ combined with Astaxanthin the most powerful marine derived antioxidant and essential micronutrient Boron, anti-inflammatory and beneficial to bone health.

PAIN ROLL On from Outside

Lidocaine No-Mess Roll On with 300mg Kannopia-Active™ provide targeted, fast pain relief. Plantago Major, Arnica Montana and Indian Frankinscense are widely used for their anti-inflammatory and homeopathic properties. Scented with essential oils and a dash of peppermint.


Is hemp derived and naturally stimulates your body’s endocannabinoid system. Because it is 100% water-soluble, it surpasses the absorption efficacy of traditional CBD Oil by 3,500% and therefore is significantly more effective to ease pain and inflammation than CBD Oil.


(AST) is a natural marine supplement with effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and neuroprotective effects. It occurs in certain algae and causes the pink-red color in salmon. Astaxanthin is 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C.


This trace mineral is a micronutrient which seems to affect the way the body handles other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. In addition, Boron is also being researched for anti-inflammatory effects that can help alleviate arthritis and improve brain function as well as its impact on bone development and regeneration.


This herb, part of the sunflower family, has been known to help reduce swelling and lessen pain and bruising due to its anti-inflammatory compounds. It is often used to treat sore muscles and joints.


Boswellia also called Indian Frankincense is a resin herbal extract derived from beneath the bark of the Boswellia serrata tree, which is native to India, the Middle East and Northern Africa. The resin is rich in triterpenic acids and has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to ease inflammatory conditions.


Has been used widely since ancient times in Greek, European, Arabic, Indian, and Chinese traditional medicine for wound healing. Plantago Major might help decrease pain and swelling, it might also help kill bacteria and fungi.


Essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties, helps support the immune-system, cell function and skin health.


Popularity of Peppermint in natural medicine dates back to ancient times. It contains Menthol and Limonene, which can help ease muscle pain and stiffness.


Creating a temporary numbing sensation, lidocaine topical provides quick pain relief to the affected area. It is also used for itching, sunburn, insect bites, minor cuts and scratches.

A First-of-its-Kind Duo-for-Pain


Fast-acting topical Roll On and Softgels for an INSIDE / OUTSIDE Approach Relief.

Both Products formulated with 300mg KANNOPIA-ACTIVE™ and a powerful blend of homeopathic ingredients.

Expert Formulation

KANNOPIA-ACTIVE™ ingredient that surpasses the absorption efficacy of traditional CBD Oil by 3,500%.

Developed by Top Scientists and Patent-Pending

Unique Scientific Concept

Our unique Nano Transfer Concept™ allows your body to benefit more of the appropriate nutrient, without having to take higher doses.

  • highest bioavailability
  • synergy of ingredients
  • inside / outside relief approach
Coveted FDA Registration

Revolutionary Relief™ Roll On - FDA registered as an OTC topical for pain. NTC# 83048-001

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  • is NOT CBD or Hemp Oil.
  • is NOT a HEMP/CBD “emulsion” that only moderately improves absorbtion.
  • is NOT a micro-sized oil droplet.
  • Is NOT full of additives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.


  • is a natural, pure, HEMP derived element
  • is 100% water soluble and 100% active
  • has higher bioavailability than CBD Oil.
  • is on average 3500% more effective than CBD Oil*
  • has greater impact on easing pain and inflammation than CBD*
  • cannabinoid profile shows “not detectable” per certified 3rd party testing.
  • has zero THC and is non-psychoactive
  • is Safe - Non Toxic - Non Habit Forming **
  • Is Patent-Pending and exclusive to Revolutionary Relief Products.

*According to a third party gene expression analysis, conducted on a panel of 163 genes that regulate biological functions affected by CBD.
**MTT assay and LD50 tested, receiving the highest possible safety rating.

Human Body is made up of 70% of water. Kannopia-Active dissolves in water 100% - and as a result , is easily absorbed into the tissues of the body and metabolized more quickly than fat-soluble CBD.


Independent Gene Expression Analylsis of in Vitro EpiOral Tissues treated with CBD and Kannopia-Active test materials using Genemarker' CBD Panels.


As compared against 100mg/1ml CBD Oil in MCT, KANNOPIA-ACTIVE™ at 5% concentration in water expressed a significant increase in gene expression for :

  • PAIN / INFLAMMATION function by 179,503%
  • EPIDERMAL BARRIER function, by 30,870%
  • SKIN HYDRATION function, by 9,495%
  • WOUND HEALING function, by 9,115%
  • TISSUE INTEGRITY / REMODELING function, by 3,961%
  • ACNE REGULATION function, by 3,172%
  • CELL GROWTH / RENEWAL function, by 82%

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Our Mission

Marzena Jonak, Woody Lee Allen and Miles Dupree, are the Co-Founders of Revolutionary Relief. Their mission is to offer scientifically innovative products that provide effective relief through natural and homeopathic ingredients of highest quality. Their vision is to build their brand on the values of integrity, compassion and the desire to end addiction to pain prescription drugs.


Woody Lee Allen

CEO / Co-Founder

Career Entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in dietary supplement industry. Launched Metabolite across national malls premiered with the first CBD Subscription Box.

US Army Captain and Veteran.


Marzena Jonak

President / Co-Founder

Global Brand Developer consulted 300+ CBD Brands, Cannabis Specialist-FGC University Precision Nutrition Certified.

Trained in all aspects of CBD manufacturing and compliance.


Miles Dupree

COO/ Co-Founder

Health Industry Expert, Former Co-founder and COO/CIO of one of the largest direct to consumer supplement companies in the US.

25 Years of Experience in nutritional supplements and Infomercials.

Marzena Jonak

Miles Dupree

Mr. DuPree has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years. He was the co-founder and COO/CIO of one of the largest direct to consumer supplement companies, which was in the top 5 infomercial companies in the US. He spent years building this premier direct-to-consumer supplement company, being responsible for all aspects of the business. Under his leadership, he created an effective, vertically integrated organization. From full inhouse video production capabilities, call center, media buying, technology infrastructure, and its own fulfillment center, this company took on all disciplines, reducing operating costs and creating a pathway to success. Through his leadership was a pioneer of the direct to consumer subscription business model, which sustained the company to growth for more than 15 years.

Prior to this, Miles led Pro Logic Computer Systems, a travel technology company that introduced some of the very first internet booking engines to the travel world. His company partnered with American Express to complete one of the largest travel technology consolidations of its time. This project spanned five years and resulted in creating the world's largest travel technology system. Over 175,000 airline tickets were processed daily, which represented $25 billion in sales. Miles brings strong process orientation and technology expertise that will be critical to the company's growth globally.